Safety and Enviroment

Denya Group and its management considers protecting the human life as a superior principle and does everything possible to protect the safety of its employees, suppliers, contractors, bypassers located in and/or near its sites.

The company, being an organization that is becoming more efficient all the time, is concerned with preserving, on the one hand, the long years’ knowledge and experience in its possession, and on the other hand, adjusting itself to the fluctuations, changes, and additions renewing every day in the construction industry, which constitutes an inseparable part of the company’s unique abilities.

The company invests many resources in creating a safe work environment and for that purpose trained a whole department, which its main duty is work safety and environment. Denya Group’s safety and environment department is an integral part of the organization and includes safety officers alignment which undergo different training and are located most daylight hours in the company’s sites to ensure that the work is being performed according to the organizational culture and the strict safety policy of the company, with an emphasis on human life and subject to the provisions of any law.

Risk management plans

By virtue of their duties, the Department’s employees are responsible for the preparation of risk management plans, risk assessments for every work performed at the Company’s sites, locating and removing safety hazards, preventing accidents at work, using innovative equipment, increasing awareness of the importance of safety and the environment, etc.

The company believes that safety begins in education and therefore assimilation of the subject is an inseparable part of the organizational culture. Accordingly, Denya Group is the first pioneer that has founded, established, and built on its own a safety school run by it, as well as all the contents and trainings held there.

Currently, the Danya School of Safety has received approval from the Ministry of Labor to train safety assistants in the construction industry.

As one of the largest and leading construction companies in Israel, Denya Group received two voluntary standards association stamps in the fields of safety and the environment:

  • Standards association stamp ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems – Denya Group is the first construction company to receive this standard from the Israel Standards Institute.
  • Standards association stamp OHSAS 18001 – Occupational safety and health management systems.

The following are some of the measures taken by the Company in the context of assimilating safety:

  • Establishment of the School for Safety – The School for Safety was established to promote safety issues and to create a new standard in the construction industry. The trainings held in the school are according to the role of the trainees and in different languages (Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, and Tigrinya). The trainings are given to all of the company’s employees and subcontractors retained by it by a qualified instructor who is also a work safety officer, and are held, among others, in the following subjects: introduction to work at heights, ladders, scaffolding, electricity and more.
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  • Prohibition of entry to Denya’s sites without passing a Safety training – the entry of workers, contractors, suppliers, consultants, tenants or bypassers to each of the Company’s sites is conditional solely on passing a safety training by the site staff.
  • Innovative safety equipment – Denya Group invests a maximum of resources in the purchase of innovative safety equipment specially manufactured for it, such as iron protection nets for fencing of a building instead of wood fencing, anchor points, iron protection nets for elevator shafts, modular railings for stairs, use of temporary life line, and more.
  • Personal protective equipment is given to every employee who attends the school and includes a safety harness, safety helmets, protective goggles and gloves.

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