Integrity and Compliance Policy

Zero tolerance for bribery and corruption

  1. Danya Cebus Ltd., including all its subsidiaries in Israel and worldwide, is committed to the highest level of ethical and business conduct while ensuring integrity and compliance.
  2. The company’s management has voluntarily established a compliance program for the detection and prevention of corruption and bribery offences, including bribery of local and foreign public officials. This, is in order to implement ethical and proper patterns of behavior, and to ensure the compliance of the company and all its stakeholders (employees, directors, officers, consultants, representatives, contractors, suppliers, service providers, agents) and adherence to all applicable laws, regulations, standards, and relevant policies.
  3. The compliance program includes details regarding the relevant legal provisions and the stringent codes of conduct that the company has adopted for itself, in accordance with the recommendations of the OECD and other international bodies (for the full program and the established standards outlined in it, click here). All company employees and relevant parties are required to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the compliance program, observe the instructions and rules detailed therein to its provisions and guidelines as outlined within as well as avoid borderline cases.
  4. The company sustains a zero-tolerance policy towards any action taken by its employees or relevant parties – junior or senior, whether in Israel or worldwide – involving bribery or corruption in any form. This commitment is out of full compliance with the law as well as part of the company’s business worldview, according to which only in this way will the company’s business be conducted in the best way, while preserving the trust built over the years of its customers, financiers, and third parties. Violation of any provision of the compliance program will be considered an offence, resulting in disciplinary proceedings against the violator.
  5. In any case of doubt or question, the compliance officer and/or legal department should be contacted. Autonomous judgments must not be exercised.
  6. The company encourages reporting of any concern or information regarding bribery, corruption or any violation of the provisions of the compliance program, by any of the company’s employees, including its representatives, agents, or partners, in the context of the company’s business operations. An employee who reports violations, breaches of the law or regulations or violations of the compliance program will not face any negative consequences due to their report.
  7. Such reports may also be submitted anonymously, containing basic details to enable further handling of the case by the compliance officer.

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