Danya Cebus Ltd. is a group of companies controlled by Lapidot Capital Ltd.    (a public company controlled by Mr. Jacob Luxenburg). As of the beginning of 2021, Danya Cebus Ltd. is a public company whose shares are traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange.

Denya’s Projects

For decades, Denya Group has sealed its mark on the construction configuration in Israel, through a wide range of impressive and complex projects, including the field of national infrastructures, the construction of prestigious residential neighborhoods, as well as in commercial centers enhanced offices. All of this is done by Denya Group while demonstrating exceptional capabilities for planning and execution of complex projects, which combine managerial and engineering excellence, advanced building methods, strict safety and providing uncompromising quality and service.

Denya Group strives to maintain quality residential construction, which is a core central activity and a source of pride for the company. The company works in full cooperation with the leading real estate entrepreneurs in Israel and faithful serves tens of thousands of satisfied tenants.

Alongside this activity, the company has established tens of public construction projects, offices, trade and industry for public bodies and private entrepreneurs. Moreover, the company specializes in performing large complex infrastructure projects, including road paving, building railway infrastructure, construction of bridges, parking lots, tunnel mining and related infrastructure development, for public customers.

Projects, Design and Development (DESIGN-BUILD)

In the last decade, Denya Group has become a key player for implementing complex design and build projects (DESIGN-BUILD), both as an independent contractor , and as part of projects under public sector integrating private sector (PFI, PPP), while demonstrating an independent engineering capability for planning civil engineering jobs and for investigating efficient alternative solutions for existing planning.

Denya Group

The Denya Group, which employs about 2,000 employees in Israel and around the world, has developed and grown significantly in recent years and now owns many of its subsidiaries: Cebus Rimon, an industrial construction plant; FORMA company that specializes in finishing and preservation work; Geo Danya, which specializes in performing geotechnical and underground work; Danya Sela company; Danya electro-mechanical Systems; Alum Danya plant; Yuvalim company that serves as an employment agency for foreign workers; Danya Cebus Manpower; and an entrepreneur division for residential construction with emphasis on the cost to the resident.

In addition, the company operates outside of Israel, through its subsidiaries Danya Romania, Danya USA and Danya Poland.

Denya Group, which attributes a great deal of importance to the safety issue, is the first construction company to set up a safety school, which trains inhouse and outside employees in the field of safety and work at height, and provides new work methods for safe work and constitutes as the highlight in the construction industry in Israel.

This extensive activity of Denya Group is the one who strengthened and positioned the group as a leader in Israel in the fields of construction and infrastructures.

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