Yuvalim Manpower

Yuvalim Denya Group
Yovalim was established and initiated in the beginning of 2012 and serves as a corporation for the employment of foreign workers, according to the license the Population and Immigration Authority has granted it.

The company provides professional skilled workers to the various work sites of Denya Group and its subsidiaries, including Forma Projects Company.

The company was established after the recognition of a basic need for recruiting skilled and professional workers and for establishing a business model which provides a suitable solution to the challenges the Denya Group has faced in the construction field in Israel.

The company has a pool of foreign and professional workers, among others, workers for foundation, finishes and repair jobs, and it provides workers at a competitive price, emphasizing performance quality and meeting schedules, according to the demands of the sites and clients.

It is well known that the manpower subject is very significant and of great importance in the construction field in Israel.

Denya Group’s sites daily employ hundreds of workers whose activities and work constitute an important and necessary layer in the development and growth of the company.

Therefore Denya Group operates in many ways to increase its working hands supply.

Based on the aforementioned, a new subsidiary “Danya Cebus Manpower Ltd.” was established and authorized to operate as a manpower contractor to employ manpower workers according to the license granted by the Ministry of Economy.

The company’s goal, amongst others, is to establish a pool of groups of high quality professional workers through which it can provide solutions to sites with partial shortages in manpower.

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