Danya Systems and holdings

Danya Cebus Systems and Holdings specializes in planning and executing integrated Electromechanic Multi System Projects for the industrial, commercial, public, and security sectors, through advanced technologies, and offers planning and execution solutions of integrated systems for the industrial and commercial sectors, academic institutions, hospitals, hotels, office towers, energy centers etc.

The division deals with executing and establishing projects in the fields of electricity, cogeneration, fire discovery and extinguishment, high voltage, low voltage, plumbing, sprinklers, air conditioning and ventilation, while emphasizing on several main principals:

  • Commitment to quick execution and meeting schedules.
  • Very high quality of equipment and materials according to all standards.
  • Maintaining high and professional levels of execution and finish.
  • Reliable and high-quality service.

The company’s management and the managing team have rich and extensive experience of many years in the field. The experience and vast knowledge of the management, the worker team, and the engineers spread over a variety of fields of expertise and are certificated and ordained in engineering and practical engineering.

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