Kiryat Hamemshala Drom Hakirya- Migdal Hayovel

The project, located in the center of Tel Aviv opposite the AZRIELI Shopping Mall, was constructed using the B.O.T system for a period of 25 years. It consists of six parking levels, two, double commercial floors above which are 39 floors of offices.

The project is located in the center of Tel Aviv, across from the Azrieli shopping center. It was built using the B.O.T method for a period of 25 years. Consists of a 6-level parking, two double commercial floors, over which there are 39 floors of office spaces, technical floor and a helipad on the roof.
The project was executed in a joint venture with Minrav Ltd.
Built area: 85,700 sq.m.
Construction features: industrial and steel.

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